Movies will begin at 8:30 pm starting Friday, June 5th

We are open DAILY. 

Ticket booth opens one hour before showtime Sunday & Thursday and one and a half hours before showtime on Friday & Saturday nights.

As long as we are forced to play older films, we will be offering $10 a carload special! You heard that right $10 for 1 person or 8! This will be ongoing until Hollywood decides to release us some new films. In the meantime, let’s enjoys some classics.

Playing Friday June 5th - Thursday June 11th
Screen 1: 8:30 pm Back to the Future PG 1 hr 56 min / 10:40 pm E.T. PG 1 hr 55 min
Screen 2: 8:30 pm Halloween (2018) R 1 hr 46 min / 10:30 pm The Purge R 1 hr 25 min
Screen 3: 8:30 pm The Rugrats Movie 1 hr 19 min / 10:00 pm Hotel for Dogs 
PG 1 hr 45 min

Rest rooms will be open, but only 2 people allowed in them at one time.

We ask that you practice Social Distancing if you get out of your car.    We will be serving many of your favorite concession and food items, but we have reduced the menu to help expedite service and will only be serving from our outside concession area.  

Please bear with us as we have had to alter all of our practices in order to abide by Governor Lee's guidelines.  We want to provide you a safe environment to spend an evening out of our home.